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Thread: Qlogic HBA setup question

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    Default Qlogic HBA setup question

    Hello. I have gone through the documentation for DSS-Lite on how to connect to a fiber array. But I can not find the Qlogic agent password to be able to remote manage the HBA. The Qlogic documents states that it is "config" and I get a invalid password.

    Does anyone know what the Qlogic agent password is in DSS-lite?

    I am trying to connect to a Sun 3511 SATA 2GB Fiber array. And I can not get DSS Lite to see it.

    Thanks for your help

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    It should not be related to LITE....

    Check with Qlogic how to reset it back to default...

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    I did check with with Qlogic. But I think the problem is on the DSS side. I believe that there is a agent running on the DSS software and that is were the password is stored. But I also my be wrong.

    I have tried to go into the fibre setup in the DSS console. But I can not get the storage to bind.

    I get:

    mv: cannot stat ' etc/qla2xxx,conf.bak
    no such file on directory
    Failed to save target peresistant binding configuration on HBA 0

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    Well. After I rebooting it looks like everything is working.

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