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Thread: Memory utlization

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    Default Memory utlization

    How much DRAM will Open-E take advantage of. Will it use available DRAM for read caching? Is this true for both block level and file level protocals.

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    Utilization will depend on services being used.
    Read caching is done by your controller, and would use its memory cache.
    File level volumes will require more RAM to initialize.

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    So it sounds like DSS doesn't use system RAM for read caching in the way that ZFS does for example. The problem with depending on RAID controller cache is these are usually quite small, 1GB or less and not expandable. With RAM being fairly cheap at the moment and with massively faster access times than even SSDs, adding this would allow substantial improvements in random read accesses to hot data at a relatively low cost.

    Have you any plans to add this to the development road-map?



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    DSS can use as much as need from the RAM, but not all for Read Cache, also DSS can use the storage as a SWAP cache memory in case if the RAM is not enough for it, or if there are a service that ask for a lot of RAM.

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