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DSS LITE 2TB - Requiremenst to Register and Active

To the DSS LITE 2TB users please read the following update:

Anyone who has activated DSS LITE 2TB before January 31st will be able to reactivate it until end of life.

What does End of Life mean if in the event Open-E feels that at such time DSS LITE 2TB will no longer receive updates or another other services? At this time there has been set date before January 31st of 2010.

Activation & Registration information:

1) First Registration is only possible before 31 January 2008 (no S/N at all)
No new registrations will be possible after January 31st 2008 only activations from registrations before January 31st 2008.

2) Reactivation after January will be possible if changing hardware components and using the same usb stick and S/N (email .
In some instances the user may be required to update first, however still the reactivation will be possible. DSS LITE 2TB does not require internet access to function or operate.

3) If USB stick is damaged Reactivation is required by entering your email address when you first registered in the “Product activation” field.
It is recommend to backup the changes.img file and copy this to the replacement USB Stick.
If the backup was not performed then the you can email to receive a new key associated with your original Serial number.

4) DSS LITE 2TB does not need to be connected to the Internet to properly function. Only for the following:
Retrieving your password
NTP services
Changes to hardware
Email notification (If need be)

5) Please allow tcp connections from the firewall on port 10444 to
Required for registration/activation/reactivation.

6) HTTP Proxy settings to activate the Open-E DSS LITE 2TB will not work for registering or activating DSS LITE 2TB.
True, proxy settings are not needed for registering and/or activating while activation is not using HTTP protocol.

Causes for Activation:

Changing or adding the following hardware that is not identical from the original setup during the activation will require a reactivation.

If replacing a different CPU (Activation is necessary)
If replacing a failed drive within an existing Software Raid or Hardware (No activation necessary)
If adding a drive to increase and existing RAID set (No activation necessary)
If adding beyond additional capacity after January 31st (No activation necessary)
RAM Recommend 1GB
If adding additional memory (No activation necessary)

If changing to a different motherboard (Activation is necessary)

If changing to a different NIC’s (Activation is necessary)

HW RAID Controllers (2TB overall storage capacity limit)
If changing to a different RAID controller (Activation is necessary)
If adding to an existing RAID set or creating another RAID set for a Volume Group (No activation necessary)

SW RAID (2TB overall storage capacity limit)
If changing to a different RAID configuration RAID 0 to RAID 5 (No activation necessary)
If adding to an existing RAID set or creating another RAID set for a Volume Group (No activation necessary)
Changing different Drive types from IDE to SATA (No activation necessary)

SCSI Controllers
Adding Tape drives or Autoloaders (No activation necessary)

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