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    Data Replication Issues

    Hi there..

    I have had a data replication task running for a while now with no issues, however a couple of days ago we started getting the following error messages:
  2. Error notifications from Volume Replication

    I keep getting a lot of error messages about a syncronous iscsi volume replication task i have going and i am unsure whether they are just informational ar if they relate to something i should be...
  3. NAS Volume Snapshot Replication not deleting files

    Hi there,

    I have a NAS Volume which I am using for data replication to an offsite SAN. I set it up so that a snapshot is taken of the source volume which then uses a replication task to replicate...
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    Data Replication issues over VPN

    I have set up data replication tasks between 2 DSS's on the same LAN. This was working absolutely fine, however we have now moved one DSS to a remote office for offsite replication. We have a site to...
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