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  1. Help 2

    the video doesnt work.

    I have no problems with Windwos XP Pcs.
    I have shares with and without passwords.
    Problem is:
    with the new Pc withs windows 7 I have problems while loading filies to and...
  2. Help for short cuts

    could you please tell me please in long word the short cuts and what you want to tell me....
    I dont want not only to see the drives on the NAS, I want to copy and so on....

    Sorry, I could not...
  3. No answer to my question?

    Is it possible to work with NAS2.0 without problems togehther with windows 7 ?????

    I need only a simple answer.......
  4. No Chance

    to work with the old system together with windows7 ????
  5. ....and what is the problem??? Is it windwos 7...

    ....and what is the problem???
    Is it windwos 7 ???

    THanks so much
  6. Change from NAS 2.0(problems with win7) to DSS 6 lite

    I am Nescafogold from Germany.
    I had since 5 years NAS2.0 and was happy.
    Now I changed my other 4 PCs from Win XP to Windows7 (64 and 32).

    The connection with NAS2.0 now has problems.
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