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  1. Thanks a lot

    Thanks a lot
  2. open-e v6 web gui cannot login fc lun is working

    I had open-e v6 with latest ver os. I created a FC lun for netbackup dedupe pool. every few day, I cannot login web gui and NAS file sharing did not work. but FC lun was working on Windows 2k8 r2...
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    Open-E v6 from 32-bit to 64-bit

    I had 10TB data. I cannot recreate it. I want to convert 32-bit os to 64-bit os?
    please help
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    Windwos 2008 R2 cannot see FC LUN

    I had qlogic 2462 which target enable in OPEN-E.
    Windwos 2008 R2 with Qlogic 2462. FC is directly connect to open-e
    I used Open-E 6.0 with 32-bit
    I created a LUN. The server could not see it.
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