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    The 'default disk timeout' which is that if a...

    The 'default disk timeout' which is that if a disk is not responding or is in a search-loop or whatever is 7 sec. by default. You can configure this in your RAID controller. When the disk gives...
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    Trim command supported


    I would like to install a new Open-E system with some Intel 520 Series SSDs on an Areca 1680 or 1880 controller.
    When the system fills up,.. and deletes again... and fills up... the SSDs...
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    System seems to hang during boot...59%

    I've seen this many times and I'm always praying on my knees when it reaches a few critical stages... 59% is one of them.

    I've seen it taken about 10 or 15 minutes at 59%.

    1) Might be a scan...
  4. Thanks for the info Todd, I'm trying to...

    Thanks for the info Todd,

    I'm trying to remember the situation:
    - Customer was using version 6.0up95.xxxx.6156 (2012-04-05)
    - The Primary was master and the Secondary was slave.
    - The secondary...
  5. [DSS6] Primary Disk Activity HALTS when Secondary crashes


    I have a FAILOVER/iSCSI configuration running with 2 XenServers for a customer.
    I noticed a few times that when the Secondary Unit reboots, crashes or when I uncable it... There is NO more...
  6. Error: "Configuration of both nodes finished with errors"

    I had a crashed Open-E failover cluster, the systems wouldn't boot beyond the 90% anymore unless I disconnected all the network cables OR booted in 32-bit mode (but then the volumes were not...
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    Fixed: Password max 8 chars

    After some hours,. I finally found the issue.

    The maximum password length for 'Data(file) replication' in Open-E is only 8 characters.
    I was pasting the password which had more that 8 characters....
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    Data(file)Replication to Synology Fails!


    A customer of me has a DSSv6 and wants to export his shares on a weekly basis to a Synology Disk Station.
    On the Synology Disk station you can enable the Rsync deamon.

    When I test from...
  9. I opened a support ticket. The unit is 'remote...

    I opened a support ticket.

    The unit is 'remote support connected' now. Under ticket: 1026005.

  10. Auto update does MD5 check?

    Most people use the Auto Update from the webinterface. I assume it does the MD5 check itself.. ?

    It must be a bug in the software... more people have this issue.
  11. I tried IE8 and IE9, both in 'normal' and in...

    I tried IE8 and IE9, both in 'normal' and in Compatibility mode.
    I did CTRL-SHIFT-DEL to clear all cache, etc.

    (and note that I saw the same, which is a black screen, using Firefox).

  12. Webinterface/Apache crashed in Latest Build (5794) ?

    I just wanted to upgrade a SAN of one of my customers.

    Downloaded the update... did the reboote.... couldn't get a webinterface anymore!

    I tried on IE and on Firefox.
    I even generated a new...
  13. Update for Domain Controller Reboot / Winbind


    Last week I spoke to Janus (at the Open-E training in Houten - The Netherlands).
    He said there was an update for the problem of rebooting your Active Directory (AD) and losing the...
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    I've had the same problem with a Supermicro...

    I've had the same problem with a Supermicro mainboard recently. After upgrading the BIOS, the problem was fixed.
  15. [NAS] How to give access to Windows2008 MACHINE (not user) ?


    I have a problem; I need to give access to a Windows 2008 Server using the machinename, not a username.

    Maybe you think it sounds stupid?
    Read this:...
  16. Robotbeat, I understand wht you're saying. But...

    I understand wht you're saying. But i am not talking about NAS data replication.
    I have seen a lot of storage platforms, my point of view is that the basics of Open-E ar good (Linux,...

    BTW. Why can't you change/edit your message on this forum in case you made a typo ? :confused:
  18. V6 sucks: Two DSS servers and 1 Backup (replication) server NOT possible!

    We recently bought 2 DSS V6 Servers to use with XenServer.
    We also bought 1 DSS V6 server which we wanted to use as a Replication Destination.
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    Password needed ?

    If you have a password (code) on you Areca raid card, after step5 type: "set password=xxxx" (replace xxxx with your password/code).
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    Updating Areca (or other) Firmware


    I would like to share the following with you;

    I have an Areca 1220 RAID Card and was not able to update the firmware using the Areca Webinterface.

    1) Open a webbrowser and add a share...
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    Making a BRIDGE (br0) instead of a bond ?


    I have a machine with OPEN-E DSS V6 on it. It has 4x 10Gbit NICs.
    I also have 2 Xenservers connected to it (with crossover cables).

    The Open-E machine and the 2 XenServers are also...
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    How does it work ?

    I am also very curious how that works. I am looking at this for a few days now.

    I found this document: (see: Basic Multipath Configuration).

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