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  1. I have Open-E v7 Active-Active Cluster with...

    I have Open-E v7 Active-Active Cluster with replication and not shared storage.

    Is this planned for JovianDSS with zfs filesystem and replication?
  2. is Active-Active Failover for iSCSI/FC/nfs/smb with replication planned?

    Starline presents "Kostenloser Open-E JovianDSS Workshop am 29.04.2015 „Aktiv/Aktiv HA-Cluster mit shared Storage“"...
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    Software-RAID 10 + SMART with LSI SAS3081

    1) How can i create an Software-RAID 10 with Open-E v.7.00 up12 10529 ?

    2) I have two LSI SAS3081 IT-Mode (no RAID) and Open-E don't show SMART for harddrives. Solution?
  4. Bad performance with DSS v7.00up12 Build 10529

    I have two Active-Active Cluster:

    1) Virtual Appliance on VMware ESXi 5.5.0 Update 1 - 16 TB with Active-Active License
    2) Hardware Appliance - Unlimited TB with Active-Active License

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