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  1. the running version is : 3.11.XE00000001.2522...

    the running version is : 3.11.XE00000001.2522
    release date : 2007-01-17

    Before we created the Raid volume via 3ware manager, we had delete and remove all existing shares and tasks.

    I am not...
  2. For information, in "status/logical volume", i...

    For information, in "status/logical volume",
    i see lv00 with this informations :

    Usage : % 0.00 / 0.00 GB (free 0.00 GB)
    Total snapshots: 0. In use: 0.

    Any help ?
  3. Controller OK

    Thanks To-M for your quick answer.

    In the 3ware tool, the raid is OK.

    I restart the system without success.

    I don't find any reason and solution ...

    thanks again,
  4. Problem of configuration : "No logical volume"


    After have totally reconfigured our nas, i am stopped in the configuration process because the system display "No logical Volume".

    However, as mentioned in manual :

    In " Setup / Disk...
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