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  1. Thread: DSS Version 7

    by 172pilot

    DSS v7 Free = No Fiber Channel Target?

    I've been playing with the free version of Open-E v6 on and off for a couple of years, trying to come up with a stable FC Target system in my lab that I might then move into more of a production...
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    FC Initiator running...

    No - Haven't tried running from a USB stick yet, but I did make some progress..

    I took the 200g out of the box, and then re-initialized my raid completely to have a 2g partition 1, and the rest...
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    2tb limit questions

    So.. I am having the same problem, and tried to get through it a different way, but I'm not sure what's going on...

    I basically put in a "throw away" 200g drive I just had laying around that I...
  4. Is that a general recommendation with Open-E, or...

    Is that a general recommendation with Open-E, or just a troubleshooting point? Based on the one VM working, I had kind of come to the same conclusion, and have now migrated that one VM off so that I...
  5. BTW.. The OPen-E is latest code.. says there's...

    BTW.. The OPen-E is latest code.. says there's no upgrades available..
  6. FC target failing with 3x ESXi4.1 initiators


    I'm trying to build a mini version of what we have at work, for my home lab. I've chosen Open-E for my SAN provider, and I'm running 3 ESXi 4.1 hosts.

    My Open-E box has a dual port qlogic...
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