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  1. OpenE for Xenserver NFS storage - "poor man's HA cluster" - questions


    we would like to make our storage for Xenserver better manageable.

    Think we don't need complete automatic/ha failover for Xenserver NFS storage but we would like it to be...
  2. usb-boot - bios support - absoultely necessary?

    i tried open-e nas on 2 different, modern PCs, but it didnīt work.

    i could use it on lot`s of other pc`s which are free at this time, but those cannot boot from usb.

    so, i`m not able to...
  3. Thread: sourcecode

    by roland


    hello !

    can somebody point me to the place where i can download the gpl sources from which dss lite has been built ?

    the source-cd`s for open-e bootable cd`s seems to contain different sources....
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