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Thread: Total storage size exceeded licensed storage capacity

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    Default Total storage size exceeded licensed storage capacity

    Hi, just tried to setup a Volume Group on a 3ware Hardware Raid with only 931GB capacity and I got this Message - Is this too much space for dds lite???? Someone who experienced the same? At what size? Maybe I have to reduce the Raidsize only a little bit.

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    931G should work... are you creating the RAID from the BIOS? In the past I used LITE and I had around 900G with no issues....

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    i created the raid before in the controller bios ...
    i think i will start all over again ...

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    found the reason why "storage size exceeded" -> FC Connection to SAN shows other disks, ddslite thinks this is local storage, although FC is only configured as Target, will see, if i can fix that

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