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Thread: exim delivering to maildir on nfs share

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    Unhappy exim delivering to maildir on nfs share


    We tries shifting our mail delivery to the NAS and the load on the exim server just kept going up. According to the exim info I have found on the web this is due to IO wait, problems.

    We stopped the mail server at this point and exim could not end the processes running trying to deliver to the nas, and we had to reboot the machine to clear these out. We also tries this from another machine (redhat 7.3) and had the same problems.

    When I set up an nfs share on a linux box (RedHat Enterprise 4) to do the same thing we had no such problems.

    Have you any idea of what may be going wrong? The server is catering for 4000 - 5000 mailboxes.



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    I/O errors could be caused by several areas could you check for the following:

    1) If running in a Bond Mode try disabling this and test with out it. Remember when disabling the Bond it will default to the original IP Address

    2) Try a different port on the Switch or use a crossover cable.

    3) Check the RAID controller logs

    4) Check memory - restart system and after POST hit the escape key to access a menu then select memory test.

    5) Disable any Snapshots, Synchronizations, Antivirus and Backups

    6) Please use this tool to check system status ip address of server x.x.x.x/check_sys/ check free memory.

    7) Check drive status in controller or S.M.A.R.T (will not work with Hardware RAID controller).

    If none of these are able to identify the problem then send logs to
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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