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Thread: System Corrupted

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    Default System Corrupted

    yesterday I terminated my holidays and when I returnet to my company to check all server and system I found a terrible notice the console of iSCSI R3 "System Corrupted".
    I tried to reboot and check consistency of disk with ARECA Controller but the array is ok, so I continued with reboot I see on the console "Loading ..." after the sceen become black and after 10 seconds the "System Corrupted "apper un the screen.
    On this iSCSI target I have all my virtual machine of ESX Server 3.5.

    What can I do now ???



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    Try moving the module to another USB port on the motherboard to see if this will boot or install the USB module to another system. If this boots with the other system update the module with the latest release as this release version 5_0_up46_build_3090 that fixes this issue (either by CD-ROM or from GUI).

    If none of the above methods resolves your issue download the Demo-CD version of DSS and register from link below. Once downloading the Demo-CD DSS ISO image burn ISO image using your CD-ROM burning software. Then boot with Demo-CD, this will give you 60 days. DSS has iSCSI-R3 functionality and you will be able to continue to access your targets. Then we will issue you an RMA to ship you a replacement.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Forgot to mention send us Serial Number of the iSCSI-R3 Ent. This is located on the back of the module. Please provide all your contact information as well so we can promptly respond.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Default Informations

    Hi Todd,

    I tried in another USB port but the error is the same.

    My DOM S/N is : *90547359*

    My Informations are :
    21040 MORAZZONE (VA) - ITALY

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    Hi mcanzi

    You will need to send a request to to RMA your module.
    don't forget to include all contact info including your phone Number.

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    Default System Corrupted Open DSS - TRIAL 10 days left

    We have the Same problem, finally we could download the demo cd and all our data was there, but we canīt fix the problem with the operative system and we have 10 days to solve it, because the demo trial is going to expire.

    Tell us what we must to send you.

    Thank you

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    Contact to extend the Demo-CD for another 30 days. You will need to enable the Remote Support Service in the Extended Tools, from Console please enter CRTL + ALT + X to activate this. Please provide them the Serial Number of the module and all your information to receive an RMA for replacement.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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