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    I Want to implement a DSS server with iSCSI for backing up the data from servers to iscsi volumes.
    Also I want to backup that data on iscsi volumes to a LTO-3, to have the data out of the office.
    Will this solution work fine ?



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    Currently our internal Backup function is for NAS Logical Volumes only but we are working on a solution to backup iSCSI Logical Volumes in the near future, no official time table is set yet.

    In the mean time you can still back up your iSCSI Logical Volumes from DSS, though it is an extra step it will work until this feature is released and save you money from buying a dedicated backup software program.

    Create a NAS Logical Volume and enable the File protocol of your choice then from the local iSCSI logical drive copy the data to the mapped NAS drive that you created for the NAS Logical Volume then enable the Backup function in the NAS settings and use the Backup utilities in Maintenance > Backup to schedule your LTO3 for the Backup tasks that you need.

    You can replicate 2 x DSS systems for your iSCSI Logical Volumes and use the Snapshots schedule on the remote system to backup the Snapshots to the NAS Logical Volumes as well.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Red face

    Hello Todd

    Thanks for your help.
    There is any way that I can replicate the iscsi volume to the NAS share ?
    Or I need to manually copy the data from iscsi volume to the NAS share ?
    sorry for the basic questions


    Paulo Gouveia

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    Just to say that I find a software to sync my iscsi volume to the nas share...I'm talking about syncromagic software
    It work great.

    Thanks a lot

    Paulo Gouveia

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    Sorry to say we are not able to replicate a NAS Volume to iSCSI only way is to manually copy the data from the iSCSI volume to the NAS share. But there are many very inexpensive programs out there like Second Copy or the one you found.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    This is a fairly old post but wanted to see if there has been a solution to backing up ISCSI volumes and configuration of ISCSI settings. Or a way to keep the settings (ISCSI config failover etc) so that in case of hardware failure and and have to replace the Hard Disk. What do we do besides re configuring everything? Thanks

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    iscsi volumes can be replicated to another node with volume replication of course.
    and third party tools like acronis can also work.

    For settings/configuration, we provide a download from the webGUI that can save them for you.

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