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Thread: Can't update the NAS-R3

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    Default Can't update the NAS-R3

    I downloaded the update file "" and I burn it onto a CD. Then I boot from this CD with the Open-E module inserted. The system starts to boot-up from this CD and then I get the red message "System corrupted" and another message "No ISO update found".
    And now, then I try to boot-up my NAS-R3 Ent, it starts normaly, but no network interfaces found (!!!). The NAS unreachable from network and the network unreachable from NAS. Then I press the F2 key, I get the EMPTY grey window with only "Exit" button on it. However, pressing the C-A-H keys reports that both network cards are presents. What may I do to solve this problem? Can I solve this problem by myself at all? Thank you.

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    Default Demo CD doesn't boot-up too!!!

    I downloaded the demo CD, but it doesn't boot-up to! I see the "Loading..." screen and after that - red message "system corrupted"!
    What may I do? Can I reformat/reflash Open-E module by myself? Thank you.

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    Did you use the write iso image to cd option when you burned cd?
    if not try burning the cd with that option
    then retry the update

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    Try the DOM in another usb port
    was there anything going on before all this happened or did you just try to upgrade

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    I tryed all available USB ports.
    I'm not sure, but may be power failure created this problem. (We had a power failure at that morning, just before I tryed to update the NAS)

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    I was exploring the logical structure of DOM and I found 4 partitions on it.
    The first partition has 31 Mbyte of size, has an Ext3 type and contains the boot files (vmlinuz, initrd, etc.).
    The third partition has the same size znd type, but it's clean.
    But the second partition, located between first and third ones, is 450 Mbytes of UNALOCATED SPACE (!!!). I think that is my problem. I think it must not be unalocated space. I think this is destroed partition of Ext3 type too. I've been starting the recovery tool, and it found more than 100 lost files on that unalocated space.
    Am I thinking right? Is it realy destroyed Ext3 partition? What can I do if it's true?

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    ... May I just format this partition to Ext3 type and apply the update? Will it solve my problem?

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    Please do not format this as it will void warranty. Try using a different system to verify that the DOM was not affected. If this does not work please send to to obtain and RMA ASAP. Provide them serial number of the DOM and all other information to send you a new replacement.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    I solved the problem!!!
    It was something wrong with my DVD-drive from witch I tryed to update (or, may be, IDE cable or south bridge on motherboard or something else, I don't care).
    I just unplugged the DOM from NAS and plugged it into my desktop PC. Then I boot up desktop PC from the update CD (same as before) and... "TA-DA!!!" - "Update successfull".
    I returned the DOM back to NAS and now everything works perfectly.
    Thanks to everyone, who tryed to help me!

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