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Thread: Strange WARNING message

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    Default Strange WARNING message

    Every time when I start the NAS I see the strange message:
    modprobe: WARNING: /lib/modules/ 982: ignoring bad line starting with 'alias'
    This message appears on "Loading..." screen, repeated 3 or more times.
    What does it mean? How can I fix it? Please help! Thank you.

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    Looks like the kernel is trying to load the drivers for something, that is either not there or the file is missing
    Does the system work properly ?
    Did yo make any hardware changes recently?

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    No, system doesn't work properly! The network interfaces doesn't work at all!
    No, the hardware was not changed. But there was a power failure right before the problem appeared.

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    The problem disappeared by itself....
    Anybody knows how to remove this thread? It doesn't needed anymore.

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