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Thread: HP doesn't find Open-E NAS-R3 via ext. USB Cable

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    Default HP doesn't find Open-E NAS-R3 via ext. USB Cable

    Customer having a HP Motherboard and have no USB header internally and ordered a external USB Cable. Bud not the Open-E NAS-R3 wasn't found.

    He found out that the ext. USB Cable has just 1 row of 5 pins instead of 10 pins as you can see on the most pictures on internet. So customer thinks that there are to less pins on the cable then needed and therefore it doesn't work.

    Because there are still 5 cables to connect, I suppose there are not more then 1 row with five pins needed to work. Can you confirm?

    I already ask to check some settings on the BIOS of the HP motherboard for the USB ports..!!!

    Any other tips?

    Custumer didn't named the motherboard model and didn't replayed yet.

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    The external USB cable has only 5 pins and will work.
    Could you send me the motherboard model number.
    You could also try connecting the DOM to a USB hub and then to the motherboard.
    This has worked for some HP systems

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