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    Question About DSS


    I write here because I'would like to know if with DSS it is possible to create a big NFS logical volume share of 5 TB with RAID 50.

    I plan to buy this :

    I need to know if it is possible to put only 8 HD (of 16) at the begining with 2xRAID5 array (4disks) mouted on RAID0 with 750GB SATA2 HD to have 4,5TB capacity.

    When these 4,5 TB will be used, Is it possible to add 8 more HD to increase capacity to 9 TB without waiting several time for the RAID parity to be rebuild (because it's very long with 4.5TB data).

    I need at least 5 TB storage capacity with high avalability of the data.
    Actually, we only have a 2U Dell PowerEdge 2850 server and we need to extend its storage capacity with the Open-E solution. Will it be possible to make a NFS storage share of the 4.5 TB logical volume created on the Open-E storage server. The Dell PE2850 actually runs a Debian 3.1 stable-grsec and I would like to know if it will be possible to mount this volume in read/write as a local filesystem mouted on /storage

    Thanks in advance.
    If you can give me a contact for a sales rep in France for the Open-E DSS solution, it will be great for me I think ...

    Have a good day / Regards,
    Aurélien GOUTAL
    Ps: Excuse me for my english, I'm french.

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    With DSS you can create many 16TB Logical Volumes allowing you to connect using NFS, SMB, AFP and FTP. Additionally we have Software RAID support for RAID 0 , 1, 5 and 6 with combination of the your Hardware RAID you can achieve with our Software RAID a RAID 50. You can expand your existing RAID sets with our Physical Volume resize tool that can be used after you migrate your disks from your hardware RAID controller. Please download our free Demo-CD from our website to test your equipment. Below is the link to access this. You can contact Open-E Sales for additional information +49 (89) 800777-0
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Thanks for your answer.

    Our system & network admin didn't recommand us to use RAID Software because he says it often fails, is it right with Open-E ?

    We plan to buy this server with 8 HD (750GB SATA2) :

    With this server, is it possible to do 2 RAID 6 Arrays of 4 disks each (so 1.5 TB/Array) with the hard raid controler, and then, a RAID 0 Hardware of the 2 RAID 6 arrays to make a single logical volume of 3 TB ?

    After, when we'll need more space, we'll add 8 more HD in the server, make the same RAID 60 array as the one already in the server and then, merge the two RAID 60 Array into a single logical volume one of 6 TB ?
    How mane downtime that evolutive operation will cost ? Is it possible ?

    Thanks in advance. I've just ask for the demo-cd.
    Aurélien GOUTAL

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    Our Software RAID was not designed for any failure rate. If you are concerned then you can use your RAID controllers RAID set capabilities. For your RAID 6 requirements please review your RAID controller specifications. When adding more capacity to your existing RAID set you will need to migrate these drives to your RAID controller then use our Physical Volume resizing function. Then add this to your existing Volume Group this can be done very quickly. You can test this with the Demo-CD along with other functions. Please review the manual as well to properly understand our product.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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