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Thread: reactivation failed, Data lost?!

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    Exclamation reactivation failed, Data lost?!

    I had a problem with my USB Stick (suddenly only black screen while booting) and I had to reinstall DDS Lite on the USB Stick.

    Now I need to activate the DDS Lite 2TB again. (Same Hardware, same USB Stick)

    But it fails with error:

    Can't connect to Open-E server.
    Please check internet connection of your server: IP, gateway, DNS settings. Please also check your firewall settings - port 10444, TCP should be opened.

    Port 10444 is open and the DDS Server can reach the internet!

    Please help!
    Because the activation fails I can't access my Data anymore!
    I need them back quickly!!


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    Default Same Boat

    I have the same problem, the DSS Lite software also seams to have vanished from the open-e website ...

    I'm guessing they have just decided to drop all support for it and everyone who is using it can just go jump?

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    Hi All

    We have removed DSS lite for a short time, while we are adding more features to it.
    DSS lite will return in Q1 of 09

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    Which means no more reactivations of DSS Old Lite? Looks like the activation server is also shut down. Can't connect to Open-E server message all the time lately.

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    But how can I activate my currten installation again?I need to reactivate my current installation but this doesn't not work.
    How can I access my Data now?
    Now in the unactivated status of the DDS I can't access to my iSCSI LUNs with all my Data and VMs.
    With other words: In the moment I lose all my Data because de DDS activation doesn't work !

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    The DSS lite server should be back on line.
    Please try again

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    Thank you very much!

    But now it says:

    Activation not confirmed.

    What's wrong ? It's the same system and I have also restored my system settings from a backup.

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    Is the activation server still online?

    I had to reinstall dss lite but I can't activate it. I'm getting "error unknown error", but no mail is getting through.

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    This is an update for fconil (we work together) the activation server seems to be back online, and we were able to re-activate the key.
    Just as a note, the original key started failing with CRC errors (and it was created using the recommended chkdsk procedure). But once we created a new key, ran chkdsk and installed, changed IP addresses etc, reactivated with the original 1TB email address, everything was back to normal.
    Hepper, I know that this will not resolve your 2TB isssue though, as the reactivation will default to 1TB.

    Rgds Ben.

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