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Thread: Cannot reactivate server

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    Default Cannot reactivate server

    As we need to reactivate the server using another user email account, we change the NIC.
    But after input another email and password, an error is shown as below:
    Unknown error

    Is the update server down or other reasons?
    Please help!

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    Dear alexysn,

    To reactivate the same pen, please use the same e-mail address, as by that e-mail you activate your version of DSS LITE.


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    We need to change the email address as old email address will not use anymore, we need to use new email address. Is it possible to do that?

    Please help!

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    Hi alexysn

    try activating with new email address it should work.

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    It still have the same error. Am I missing some procedures to register email address or somethings else?

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