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Thread: No nfs locks available (nfslock service?)

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    Default No nfs locks available (nfslock service?)

    Dear all,

    some of my applications on my new DSS state that they are unable to set "nfs locks". It "seems that there is no nfslock service" running on the DSS.

    I tried to set "Insecure locks" for my NFS shares (without rebooting the system), which did not solve the problem.

    Any suggestions ?

    Best regards,

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    Snooping the traffic between the Solaris server and the DSS system I found that the locks are created by a LOCK4 request. This seems to indicate that the DSS is running NFS version4 although we have explicitly mounted the share as version3.

    How can I globally set the NFS version of the DSS to version 3 ?

    Best regards.

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    Now I found that other peapole are having these problems, too. I will go and ask my questions there (although I do not have an FreeBSD but a SOLARIS system.

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