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Thread: System corrupted

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    Default System corrupted

    We had problem with power supply and our NAS was switch off, so ive started NAS and ive got a message "system corrupted usb disk has not been found", it wasnt funny (4TB data). after few times start and stop NAS is starting normal. Whats happend? What sould i do? i dont want loss data in the future


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    Hi much

    In very rare instances this has happened, but when it does your data is fine.
    You can reflash the DOM with the latest update. (Update by CD mode) to resolve this, but since it is working I would let it run.
    If there was a power hit and the module did fail you can use our Demo-CD to get your system back up and running and we can RMA your module by contacting

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    Default System Corrupt is not rare

    System Corrupt - it is more like something you should expect to happen. It happened to me 4 times out of 6 open-e products. Usually resulting in a new device being sent to me, but one time there was data loss of the entire server.

    I have just tried to update from CD and it didn't work, and I can't find the current version of NAS-R3 as a demo CD. So I am rather unhappy at this moment.


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    The DSS Demo-CD is the same for the NAS-R3 Ent. and will work for iSCSI-R3 as well.
    Also could you send me the ticket # that was used for the data that was lost? I have only known a few cases where data was lost from someone pulling out drives in a RAID limitation or multiple connections to a Target/LUN that corrupted the data as we do not support this.

    Also send me the tickets for the other NAS-R3 Ent. that had corrupted so I can look into why and see if it is related to a certain motherboard.

    Next release you will be able to use your own media device but many like USB DOMs, due to its low cost of an extra drive for mirroring and power consumption.

    Anyway thanks for your response and looking forward to reviewing the cases.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Samething here , system corrupted

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