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Thread: slow copy 10gb file from nas to client

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    Default slow copy 10gb file from nas to client

    I have a file of 10Gb, when I copied it from the server to the client, a copy speed 50-60 kilobytes per second
    If I copy the files are smaller in size - the speed is excellent

    I used balance-tlb mode. gigabit switch, gigabit client.

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    apologize for not accurate, I have 1 of this file, which is slowly copied, and all other normal

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    Hi Dpupov

    Have you tried enabling WBcache on the RAID controller ?
    What RAID controller are you using and what type of hard disk do you have?
    What RAID level do you have ?

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    RAID level5
    WBcache - yes
    hdd - seagete sata 2 raid edition
    raid controler arexa

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    Dear Dpupov,

    Can you disable bonding and test?
    What is the model card of your Areca?


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