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Thread: ACL's lost after reboot ?!

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    Default ACL's lost after reboot ?!

    When i reboot my fileserver, in Configuration -> NAS-Settings there io have the Info:
    "The Database is empty" (or similar).
    Then i have to set the password again for access to the AD. The message does not appear again.

    But now, some shares lost their ACL's, other shares not.

    Is this a normal behaviour, that i have to set the ACL's and share-access again every time i reboot my server ?

    Thanks, for some info. Stephan

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    Dear Stephan,

    After the reboot all shares and configuration should be there, if that is not what you get please download the logs (Status->Hardware) then schadual a reboot and download another set of logs.

    You can send it to


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