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Thread: MS Initiator Setup in a Failover Configuration

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    Default MS Initiator Setup in a Failover Configuration

    I have setup the Initiator (again and again) in a Failover environment, and noticed some anomalies that show up every time. FYI ... each DSS has a unique virtual IP.

    1. Since target name must be identical on both DSS servers, both Target Portals point to one Target. So, only one target shows in the Targets list.

    2. Only one MPIO path shows for each device, as opposed to two paths for each device (per documentation).

    Is this to be expected, or am I doing anything wrong?

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    You should see both Targets from the initiator side. For example:

    Target 0
    Lun 0

    Target 1
    Lun 2
    Lun 3

    and so on.

    Can you provide more details on the setup from the iSCSI Target Manager and the NIC assignment for the MPIO?
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