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Thread: SNMP almost worthless?

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    Default SNMP almost worthless?


    I have tried to make use of DSS' snmp feature, but the most critical data isn't available, like the status of the LVs (used space, i/o).

    Is there anybody here, who does monitor DSS through SNMP at all? I have hooked up a couple of FC-RAIDS to my DSS boxes but I cannot get any info about those through SNMP.

    I can surely monitor the RAIDs themselves through SNMP, but I cannot monitor the LVs on DSS.


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    From memory (I haven't used snmp for a little while & I'm no expert), only "standard" server/host mibs have been implemented, and more specific storage higher-level ones haven't as yet. I also was a little dispointed in that, and didn't do more snmp learning, prefering to wait until more support was added. Cheers.

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    snmp does not work at all using version 5.0.DB49000000.3278 in 64bit mode.

    Using prior releases of dss in 32bit mode we were able to monitor the raid status from 3ware Inc 9650SE SATA-II RAID.

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    Dear All,

    We do support some monitoring using SNMP; like motherboard status and 3ware RAID information. Logical volume status is not supported yet via SNMP but it has been added to our t0-do list.


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    as of now neither 3ware raid info nor logical volume usage can be monitored via snmp-

    This is a very critical issue for us, cause we are not able to deploy a big open-e infrastructure until we are able to monitor all systems using snmp.

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    Please use the 32bit mode with the 3Ware until engineers are able to get the updates for the 64bit mode.
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