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Thread: USB Hdd (Dynamic Unit) Support - user experiences?

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    Default USB Hdd (Dynamic Unit) Support - user experiences?

    We seem to be finding some USB hdds (and USB pen-drives/thumb-drivers) work fine as dynamic units, while others do not and display as "not compatabile".

    Open-E support feel that all USB hdds should be supported, but there is no formal testing process of all avalable devices (reasonable!). So we're after user experiences.

    - Seagate (genuine) 500GB external Hdd
    - A no-brand USB external enclosure with Seagate 80GB SATA Hdd fitted

    “Not Supported”
    - Seagate Momentus 100GB ST9100828 USB drive
    - Corsair 4GB USB pen-drive
    - 8GB Kingston DataTraveler 2.0

    Hardware is Intel SSR212MC2. In the Bios (Advanced/USB Configuration), there’s a list of USB devices detected, and has the ability to manually specify the USB type, so we tried setting the USB pen-drive to “Hdd” (by default is “Auto”) in case the auto detect was wrong, but still the message was “unsupported”. All these devices do work correctly on other systems.

    This post suggests it may be the presence of an existing partition, but the devices that did work for us had partitions on them, so this is unlikely.

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    Thanks Silicon! You are correct that we do not have this list and we should start a list. It is extremely difficult to test all drives (Flash, SAS, SATA or others) - just to many and the cost would be extremely expensive. So with the help of others and you I will start placing a collection together and later find a place to post on our website or

    Thanks for your help on this!
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Thanks To-M.
    Anyone out there have any feedback, or maybe no one has used this feature much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silicon
    Thanks To-M.
    Anyone out there have any feedback, or maybe no one has used this feature much?
    Open-E is just linux NAS with a GUI , not supported in linux generally mean not supported in Open-E so look at linux support for your specific device.

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    Default Documented?

    Good afternoon!

    This is a feature we're very interested in integrating! However, I can't find documentation for where to enable/test/configure/monitor this feature.

    Any pointers on where to find, especially cookbook-type docs?



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    It seems that NONE of the external USB devices that are on my desk (64 GB EMTEC, 64 GB and 4 GB ScanDisk, 1 TB HDD in Lacie enclosure) are supported when connected to the laptop. Only internal laptop hard drive is listed as a usable device! I cannot use this drive for experiments, I need its installed operating systems for other tasks of my work. Surely nobody in the sane mind would use USB sticks for RAID data storage but how am I supposed to evaluate your product without buying the dedicated server first? Also, all external USB devices I have tested work absolutely fine under Linux.

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    Try to reboot your system, and be sure you alreay plugged in the USB or HDD that you would like to use in your laptop, beside I assume you are using a softwar RIAD in your settings right?

    Try to check our website at:
    you will find a useful videos that should help you to setup and install DSS.

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