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Thread: XSR Enterprise Stops loading at 65%

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    Default XSR Enterprise Stops loading at 65%

    I made a change to the config and enabled Appletalk and clicked saved. The admin web page stopped responding and then the server itself stopped responding, console too. Did a hard reboot and now the system will not boot past 65%.

    Once it gets to 65% it sits for a while with the Open-E shield up then the shield disappears and the loading 65% remains. Let it sit for two hours and it never finishes loading. The admin http does not respond.

    Any ideas?

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    Check the RAID controller from the BIOS to do a RAID verify - if using a HW RAID.

    Also try and download the Demo-CD for the NAS-XSR and see if that brings it up without the stoping at 65%. If it does not stop then it is DOM and my have to be re-flashed. I hope that you saved your settings from the past in the GUI but if not then just re-enter the IP and other info.
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    Thanks Todd, I ended up re-flashing in the end and reconfiguring XSR.

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