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Thread: Problem connecting ESXi 3.5 to DSS

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    Question Problem connecting ESXi 3.5 to DSS


    We have a problem connecting a ESXi host to DSS.

    ESXi 3.5 host is configured with a software iSCSI adapter in dynamic discovery. We have add the virtual failover ip in the server list.

    DSS is configured with two nodes in failover mode. We have a basic setup (no access restriction and no chap auth). There is only one target.

    When we click on Rescan in ESXi it found no target. But in DSS we see a connection from ESXi (see screenshot in attachement).

    Any ideas ?

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    I have made some new tests :

    When I use the fixed IP of DSS and not the virtual IP it's working. And I can ping virtual IP from ESXi host.

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    Are you able to ping the Virtual IP?

    Also use the link below that provides details on the setup and configuration.

    Product Presentations

    Open-E Replications

    2008 - Open-E DSS Volume Replication with Failover over a LAN, February 2009
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Yes I'm able to ping the virtual IP.

    I think I have found the solution. I have create a smaller LUN and it's working. My first LUN is too big (3To). I have restart everything from scratch with 2To max LUN. Now I wait for initialization and replication and when it's will be finished I will try on VMWare again.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, that is a noted issue with VMware but there is a way to grow this to a larger size. I believe someone the forum stated how to do this.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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