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Thread: new DSS Lite

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    Smile new DSS Lite

    DSS Lite has been temporarily removed from the server, We are going to make some
    enhancements and then make it available again. It should be ready Q1 of 09


    are there new information when the new version of DSS Lite will be released?



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    We need more time so this free version is still being finalized as we had to dedicate other resources for our next version. Hopefully we can reassign our engineers to finish before mid May. Sorry about this delay but we have to complete our Professional version first before the free version.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Default My old lite 2t version


    I took dss lite 2t version CD from my friends.
    I works very vell.
    I used it for testing Oracle Rac with iscsi option.
    My CD copy doesnt work with media errors now.

    Is there any option to download again 2t or 1t lite version.(for open and take data from my old Pc)

    I downloaded 60 days trial but i only use dss for testing Oracle 11g Rac 64bit.
    2t Lite version works very well with 10g.

    Thank you

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    any new information for the release of the new lite version?


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    Not yet, please wait as this free version will come.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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