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Thread: Neat comparison of the different scsi target implementations

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    This is really good to hear, although it almost comes too late!

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    Please integrate SRP Support in DDS V6. We looking forward to design our new Storage for our ESX Server with Open-E but without SRP-Support there is no chance!

    I have made several tests with IPoIB and ISCSI and i get only 300MB/s over SDR Infiband. Thats to less! Our Storageservers are capable to deliver more than 2GB/s.


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    Quote Originally Posted by biohazard
    Please integrate SRP Support in DDS V6.
    I apologize for being pedantic/thick but which of the possible "SRP" acronyms are you referring to?

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    Considering SRP is built into the SCST drivers, I'm confused as to why this is not yet supported in Open-E. Surely it would be very simple to implement an SRP LUN option?

    I'd be interested to know why Open-E dont see this as an important feature, or whether perhaps there is some difficulty in implementing it, which may be delaying its inclusion.

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    We at Open-E take all our customers ideas and request in serious manner, and we pass that to our developer.

    Our developers are having a list of "what to do, add, update, etc..", and sure any option that will help most of our customers will get the highest priority to be done, else that will be done but in future.

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    Default Any News or Update regarding the topic

    Dear Community

    Are there anny news or update regarding IB SRP? I'm using at the momen open-e over infiniband as storage and get about 300MB/s but it's a littlebit too slow. I'm working with SAS2 diskarray a potential of 2GB/s.

    Im looking around for a better sollution over Infiniband. This Morning I found this post at the vmware forum.

    Perhaps it will help someone.... I will check it...

    Best Regards from Switzerland.

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