I'm looking for a solution for a Windows 2008 Cluster Testlab.

The software has to pass Windows 2008 cluster validation tool (on the Windows 2008 DVD).

Until now we used "StarWind Server FREE Version", but this requires Windows to run, and may be there is a way around that.

Its more a training area than a testlab, but anyway we want to have it fully isolated from the production network, we even have Hardware-Firewalls in between. So we are running the Windows 2008 inside MS Virtual PC, which is less than ideal concerning load balancing etc., but can be run on the laptops of sales people once we have a final solution.

So, can Open-E iSCSI R3 do this job?

Is there a 30-Day-Version downloadable?

One thing I hate at Rocket Division is the amount of sales calls from a different time zone, so I do not like giving out my details over the internet.

Thanks & Bye.