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Thread: Rename replications?

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    Smile Rename replications?

    Good morning!

    Is it or will it soon be possible to rename the volume replications? I want to change some of the names to more human-friendly names but find no way to do this in the gui.

    Not a show-stopper, but it'd be nice to do....



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    As far as I know we won't have that function in the DSS version 5.0 but possibly in the future products and as you have experienced the only way to rename them is stop and delete the task then rename then create and start the task again but the replication should only take a few min.
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    Todd Maxwell

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    I concur. If you don't clear the metadata, volume replication should be consistent in less than a minute.

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    Smile Thanks, guys!

    I'll schedule that for a future Saturday project!


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