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Thread: Reload partition table

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    Default Reload partition table

    I have two servers S1, S2 connect to same SAN disk on DSS Storage.
    On both servers I mount SAN disk to /iscsi folder (On both servers have /iscsi folder).
    I copy data to /iscsi on S1, but on S2's /iscsi I don't see nothing.
    So how i can synchronize two server to see same data without un mount SAN disk?

    Thanks for any guide!

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    Do you use any san-capable file system on your servers? Otherwise you will destroy the data pretty quickly on those volumes, since ordinary file systems like: ext2/3, ReiserFS, NTFS, FAT, HFS, are not designed to be used on SAN volumes. You will need a clustered FS instead to make this scenario work.

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    Budy is correct

    Also you can have corrupted data when doing this as he suggested, review the following below.

    In order to have more connections in the same time to the same Target you would require special SAN file system. iSCSI Target works block based - not file based. Meaning that changes made by one person is not seen by another person working on the same target/volume.

    To control this you need so called SAN File System programs. Examples are listed below:

    DataPlow SFS

    SAN file system solutions are very expensive so if you are not in a position to aquire one then the easiest way is to share the data on iSCSI Target is to create network share and get clients to connect to the network share and not directly to the target.
    In case clients read only from the target and need to access recent data (written from single host only) they can logout and login new session in the initiator. So they will see recent data.
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