Good morning, all!

I'm testing XenServer with our Open-e DSS installation and I've run into a small problem.

I have several targets already defined and running on our Virtual Iron stack. Targets 0-9 are running or reserved for Virtual Iron. Targets 10-13 are slated for our Citrix Presentation Servers and aimed at XenServer for production use.

When I try to create a new SR in XenCenter the application finds the server and the IQN. However, at this point XenCenter finds only LUN0, or target 0. I already have a virtual disk on that LUN, so I don't want XenCenter to destroy what's on that LUN.

Is this a problem with XenServer or Open-e? Is there a way to hide the other LUNs from XenServer and only show the targets I have pre-allocated to Xen?