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Thread: Hard drive replacement

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    Default Hard drive replacement


    how to replace a hard drive or check for failed hard drive for following raid controllers.

    1. LSI MegaRaid 320 2 channel (bios and utility)

    2. Adaptec 2230SLP (bios and utility)


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    Not sure exactly for these controllers but typical way for all if there is an existing RAID set to remove the drive.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Hey john642

    Before you remove the suspect bad drive make sure you are removing the correct one.
    If your using raid 5 and you replace a good drive by mistake you could break the raid
    You may want to think about backing up your data also.

    I found this on the Adaptec website before:

    Repairing a degraded hardware RAID 5

    A RAID 5 becomes degraded when one disk fails. While it continues to operate normally except for somewhat slower performance, a degraded RAID 5 is not protected from a second hard drive failure. Actions should be immediately taken to rebuild it. However, if a mistake is made or an error occurs during rebuild, data may be permanently lost. A safe strategy is to make copies of the most critical files before rebuilding.

    A RAID can be configured with a "hot spare" in which case the RAID controller will start the rebuild automatically. No human intervention is required other than replacing the failing drive.

    The rebuild process varies slightly among RAID controllers. Generally, it consist of the following steps:

    Identifying the failing drive. Usually a status light (amber or red) will help to locate it. Be aware that disconnecting the wrong drive will break the RAID.
    Replacing the failing drive with a new drive.
    Use a vendor-supplied utility or invoke the RAID BIOS to rebuild the RAID. In the latter case, the computer will need to be shutdown.

    When the rebuild is complete, the RAID status is back to normal.

    As simple as it seems, complication from attempts to rebuild a RAID 5 is by far the most common reason for a RAID 5 to become broken.

    if using the Adaptec storage manager
    here are steps to connect to the Open-e box
    Select add managed system
    Enter the IP address of the Open-e System
    Enter port number 34,571
    Username and password is raid

    Good Luck

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    Thank you Symm

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    Nice job symm
    Good luck

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