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Thread: WAN protocol?

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    Default WAN protocol?

    Good afternoon!

    Quick question about replication over a WAN - the example given in the online help seems to refer to replication over a cloud, that is, there is an internet link between the two replicating servers.

    In my case, I have a point-to-point T1 link. Although the servers are on different subnets, the data link is always on.

    Does the WAN tickbox allow for anything other than a Replication ID, which appears to be an additional security measure? Or is there some measure of time synch or additional lag tolerance or some such built in?



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    Default bump

    wondering what the WAN protocol addresses...

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    WAN option is for security for the Replication ID also associated with the ports 12000-13999 and 40000. More details can be found
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    Todd Maxwell

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    I look around on that website but couldn't find any more info on that. So it adds additional security? We are replicating over a VPN and more security is always better. Is there any reason NOT to enable it?

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    The WAN option should be used when not using a VPN to prevent unauthorized access to the data do not use it in LAN environments.
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    Todd Maxwell

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