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Thread: Backup options + Replication

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    Default Backup options + Replication

    I'm looking options for an office NAS device.

    We've got about 2-3TB of data and it's critical that the data is secure.

    So we are planning on having two devices, replicating the data/configuration.

    So my questions are :

    1. How well does the replication work?

    2. What are recovery steps should you want the second replicated server to be the master? Can we just point to a secondary share for example? (\\nasprimary \\nasbackup) ??

    3. How can we backup this data? Tape/Discs not an option for this size of data but we can get 2TB USB drives. Does DSS support backing up to USB drive? Can it span backups across drives?

    Any other information or suggestions would be helpful!

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    We have 2 types of Replication Data Replication for NAS shares (File based) and Volume Replication (Block based for NAS, iSCSI and FC).

    If using the Data Replication for NAS shares then if you have a failed source system you will have to point to the destinationís DSS IP Address and Volume Replication you will have to change the iSCSI Targets IP Address.

    Link below provides all the Data and Volume Replication options and setup as well as the Backup feature built in the DSS but is only for the NAS shares. iSCSI is not available until late of 09 or Q1 of 2010.

    You can use a USB drive or create a Volume Group with a bunch of drives from a RAID set.
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