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Thread: QLE2464 target-mode supported?

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    Question QLE2464 target-mode supported?

    Is the QLE2464 4-port 4gbit fibre channel card supported in target-mode? Does it work at all in target mode on dss?

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    Yes, I had a customer working with this, what version are you running?
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    Well, we don't have the cards yet, but we're thinking of ordering some, if we can get them for a good deal. We would use them with either dss Atlanta or v6.

    Also, it seems that SCST (version 1.0.1, which it seems is what dss v6 uses, from the logs) now has support for 8gbit fibre channel cards (target-mode). We probably won't actually use this right now, but it'd be a nice little feature to add to our brochures. So, how about the 8gbit fibre?

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