Quick question that I have submitted to Support, but no answer as yet, so now think I have asked a silly/basic/obvious question I should have known the answer to!

We received an iSCSI-R3 (3293) DoM and it only appears to support 32-bit mode. We can see this from both the boot menu (TAB or ESC on boot) and boot options.

Although our customers have only used 32-bit mode in the past, they are now moving to 64-bit, and the customer for this DoM has already configured their data using a DSS Demo, which defaulted to 64-bit mode. So this new iSCSI-R3 DoM cannot access any of the volumes they have created Ė this causes them some concern!

I am sure previous iSCSI-R3 DoMís have supported 64-bit mode, but right now I only have access to DSS and I know it supports 64-bit mode. I also thought all three products were built on the same kernel/s. We note 3293 is the current version, so no upgrade possible there.