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Thread: LSI MegaRAID 64bit support - clarification please

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    Default LSI MegaRAID 64bit support - clarification please

    Hi, I see in the readme for DSS 6 it says:
    LSI Logic Web Console tool for RAID controller configuration is not working under 64bit operating mode (with 32bit kernel the tool works correctly). Please use build-in GUI for LSI MegaRAID.
    So just to confirm, this means that the full LSI MegaRAID agent does not run in DSS v6 in 64bit mode? If so, this has 2 possible effects:
    1. RWC can't used to remotely connect to DSS for detailed RAID/HDD/enclosure monitoring
    2. Alerting may not work correctly? (eg. the reporting of SES/2 level events such as Raid
    degradation, SAS enclosure PSU failures etc.)
    3. Will there be a solution to this in the (hopefully near-) future?
    Can someone clarify this please? I could try it all, but it's quicker just to ask! Cheers.

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    Please read this link from Intel as this issue is related to them providing a fix, once they do this we will provide an update for all versions, so we wait for them.

    Server Products
    Only the highest number Ethernet port is used for RAID remote management

    Only the highest number Ethernet port is used for RAID remote management with the Intel® RAID Web Console 2.

    If there is more than one active ethernet connection in a RAID server being managed, access to the RAID information is only available on the highest number NIC interface. Only clients on the same subnet as the highest number NIC will be able to remotely manage the RAID server via Intel RAID Web Console 2. For RAID servers who will be remotely managed using Intel RAID Web Console 2, please make sure to use the highest number enabled NIC to connect to the monitoring client.
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    Hi To-M,

    Has there been any update on this yet?


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