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Thread: Volume manager can not use added space

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    we have the same Problem.
    We made all like Thread #19. But after several reeboots we got no free Space in Volume Manager!!
    What is our way??

    We used the last Version vom Open-e DSS 6

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    Please be sure that the license for your storage capacity is not less than your storage size.
    Also did your H/W RAID tool accept to expand the LUN size?
    And in console mode, what does the system show you there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhatht View Post
    The raid controller is an ARC-1680 and the controllers reports complete on the array expansion moreover: the volume manager reports 11000Tb.
    Are you saying that your Areca is having the same issue? Try the PV-Resize from the Extended tools in the Console Screen enter CTRL + ALT + X then select PVresize.
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