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Thread: VMWare vSphere Recommended settings.

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    The SaaS is described as software applications deployed as a hosted service and accessed over the Internet via a standard web browser. This can include basic IIS or Apache software, and this called a software service.

    When dealing with the Software as a Service model , the end user subscribe to applications versus purchasing them for a period of time.

    So this is related to the operating system and other software that you use to host your database and systems. And for sure you can use Open-E for creating your storage server and to store your database and other files. Also you can use virtual machine system to deal with Open-E DSS and to create many virtual servers.

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    Sorry, I'm a DSS newbie.

    Can you let me know where i can make these changes to the confguration of my DSS lite installation, as i am experiencing quite slow response from the storage.

    Many thanks.

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    1. From the console, press CTRL+ALT+W,
    2. Select Tuning options -> iSCSI daemon options -> Target options,
    3. Select the target in question.

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