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Thread: Open-E / VmWare = unstable + corruption

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    Angry Open-E / VmWare = unstable + corruption


    I would like to know if there is any company who successfully setup a server room similar to mine:

    • 1 Open 8 TB
    • 3 Esx Server

    Since I bought this solution, I move from one disaster to another, lost communication between ESX and Open-E, Open-E interface stop responding, corruption of my virtual disk, poor performance over 3 ESX, etc…

    So far I spent over 100k$ in this project. Is the technology just plainly unstable for corporate use or should I fired my supplier?

    Thanks for the input and sorry for my english.

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    Wow!! $100K, DSS 8TB is only $1079.00 (what was the cost of the box?).

    I would like for you to provide me the Ticket# that you sent to support so I can investigate what happen and what version of DSS are you running?

    Were you using any Bonds for the NIC's and was there any replication being used?

    Any other information that you can tell us that might provide some insight to the related case?

    Please send me the ticket # that you sent to support so I can review it and ask the engineers what was the issue?
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Default Quick answer, thanks!

    Thank you for the quick answer!! =)

    100k include everything, hardware, software and setup.

    My supplier is handling the support so I dont know the ticket # if there is any. That said, I just ask my team to open a ticket directly. Any support will be extremly welcome.

    I will post the ticket # quickly.

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    I really need the original ticket# that your reseller used, they should be able to provide this and this would be very helpful.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Lightbulb Problems with deployment.

    Dear Anashel;
    Depending on your infrastructure it should be very robust. OpenE and VMWare work very well together. What are you using for targets? FC or iSCSI? If the VMware best practices are followed you should have no troubles like you have described. We have many customers with your configuration, using Open-e for the management software and our mix of best-of-breed components for the hardware. If you want, you can email us (my company) at: or just get back to me in this forum.

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    hey anashel

    can you describe your setup and what was happening prior to the problems you described.

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    Hey Anashel,

    I have a similar setup I guess you could say.
    I have 2 x 8TB Open-E servers (custom built hardware, supermicro mainboard, 3ware raid card, intel nics) in isci failover setup.

    I have 8 VM Hosts (ESXi 4.1) with around 60VM guests spread across these hosts (all in a VM Cluster with EVC).

    Apart from some teething issues, bad hardware mainly/learning curve the others .
    DSS V6 has run pretty much perfectly.

    I have 6 nic's in my Open-E serves with 4 of them allocated to the iSCSI network (MPIO) via dedicated switches (I have 2 switches for the iSCSI traffic, and 2 for my inet traffic). This is all to handle any failures. 1 of the nic's is direct connected to the other SAN for replication traffic, and the last nic is for management.

    DSS is very capable and is VMWare friendly.

    Maybe post up more of your configuration and issues you have had?


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