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Thread: EMC AX4 vs open-E iSCSI Benchmark

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    Quote Originally Posted by masim
    Can you send me a full test results with specs please. I want to try replicating it...
    Hello masim,

    I already posted everything here, if you need further information please specify what information you are looking for..

    Also I did not intend to start a "open-E vs. EMC" war here
    Thats pointless. The next post could state: Netapp is better than EMC!
    I just wanted to state that the open-E server(s) we are/were runnung performed better in this test


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    Its no problem and hopefully there is no war.. It seems that people just get excited to know that their Open-E that costs $ perform better than EMC that cost $$$$.

    I have a SanMelody system that I was going to test against with your settings as Robotbeat did a good job on his FC and iSCSI test and supplied this info to all

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