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Thread: esx 3.5 compatibility / certification

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    Default esx 3.5 compatibility / certification

    Searching the compatibility guide i came across the esx3.5 compatibility. But it was only listed with Intel hardware. Does it mean i have to restrict myself to intel hardware or was it just the hardware you guys had on hand?

    The vmware website is a bit unclear on that point, certainly considering we have a dell only server park.

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    VMware certifications are time consuming and expensive and Intel assist us with there hardware to certify with. If your Dell hardware is certified then I would believe you are good. VMware requires that the Hardware be certified before you can certify the iSCSI, FC or NAS software we only did the iSCSI DSS V5. We are working on certifying the DSS V6 with VMware 4.0 - ETA is October if everything passes.
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