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Thread: iSCSI Target not visible from ESX3.5

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    Unhappy iSCSI Target not visible from ESX3.5

    I created and formated a 3.7TB volume and shared it as a LUN1 iSCSI target.
    ESX3.5 cannot see the target when doing a rescan.
    I do have the DSS Virtual IP address in the Dynamic discovery tab.
    And the iSCSI failover is running.
    I can ping the DSS virtual IP address from the esx3.5 hosts.
    I connected a Windows 7 machine to the iSCSI LAN and could see the DSS iSCSI target, using Windows 7 iSCSI Initiator. I can see the target in the Target tab, but I cannot see it in the Volumes And Devices tab

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    did you add the lun to the target (+ sign)

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    I'm pretty sure the maximum LUN size that ESX can see is 2 tb. You will need to carve up your 3.7 tb into multiple LUNs.

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    Hey alind

    jiassic is correct, the limit it 2TB
    here is the link to vmware

    this is on the vmware site:

    An ESX Server host is limited to a maximum LUN size of 2047GB. This applies to all LUNs being presented to an ESX Server host (VMFS and RDM). Any capacity larger than the limit is not handled. The LUN is not presented as a choice for a data store in the Virtual Infrastructure Client. Attempting to format the LUN from the command line generates an error.

    A VMFS-3 data store on a LUN that has been extended past the limit is unmounted. All content on that data store is inaccessible.

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