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Thread: Open-E Server keeps losing ip address

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    Default Open-E Server keeps losing ip address

    Hello guys,

    I have 2 open-e servers, from which 1 servers keeps losing the ip address its getting assigned after the server has restarted. The other server on the other hand keeps his ip address.

    The servers are connected through a switch. It does not matter if we use the switch or not, the server keeps losing its ip address after a reboot.

    I hope you can help me!

    Thanks in advance

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    there is probably a problem with the file system on USB stick. In case you are running Trial version I suggest to backup you settings via WebGUI, re-format the stick and copy new DSS on it. If you running registered version please open a ticket via Open-E Portal.


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    Did you set a static IP or is it getting a dhcp address?

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    At first we set the server to get an ip address from our dhcp server.

    Once we have set it to static, the problem was solved and the server keeps his ip address!

    Thanks for the help!

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