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Thread: upgrade drives question

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    Default upgrade drives question

    I have a 4 drive dss setup now using software raid 5. I want to replace the 4 drives with new bigger drives.

    What would be the best way to go without just starting over from scratch.

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    My suggestion is to fail each drive and let it rebuild with new drive. Add the next and so on.

    This may take long time.

    Its better to back it up then restore on new drive from the RAID set.

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    I would backup the data and then start from scratch.
    This may be faster than failing each drive as you will need to wait for each drive to finish
    rebuilding before failing the next one.

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    Another possible way to go is to set up a temporary DSS system (with trial license) and migrate all data to the new server. You then should be able to simply swap the drives.

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    I think it would be better to make a back up files and restore all on new drive.

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